Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cracks in the sidewalk

Slightly chipped, colours almost gone
That's how the stones in the sidewalk are
Third from the left, colour muddy brown
Has a dirty crack, much like a scar
Ten steps down, one stone displaced
Has an ant abode, ants scurrying fast
This is a fairly new one, ants and all
I think, it appeared, the year before last
Just round the corner, if I may add
One stone preserved, no wear and tear
Almost as if, never stepped on to
I've seen it always, sitting right there
Ask me the way, to the small shop
And I can tell it, crack by crack
For, sidewalks are really all that I see
Day after day, just to keep track
Just once in a while, I lifted my head
To see what all went on, high up there
Eyes were all I saw, staring unblinking
Scanning me all over, like a market ware
I lowered my head, vowing to keep it there
For I was taught, that's how men are
Back I am to cracks, in the sidewalks
The world up there, way too bizarre........

A poem that stemmed from what I was taught in my growing up years - lie low, don't draw attention to yourself, walk with your head bowed.............this will save you from eve-teasing. Almost as if eve-teasing was the norm, and I had to abide by it. As I revisit those "wise words", I wonder if things have changed! Have they?

- Pritesh