Quotes I wrote

You can tell how far an artist will go not by how he/she receives praise, but by how he/she receives criticism...

When money is the driving force, excellence is a forced obligation. When excellence is the driving force, money is an unavoidable side product.

If you don't push your boundaries to achieve excellence, they will shrink to accommodate your mediocrity....

Feedback is more about how it is received than about how it is given.......


  1. Video tutorials are awesome. Your work is great. Please show more of your work. Where can I get super fine slotted tool and silver/gold edge quilling strips in India online?

    1. hi... the quilling strips u want will be available on itsybitsy.com

  2. Very Nice creations. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever".

  3. hi... very nice earrings. Am trying to put holes to jumkas but I can't. plz, tell me how to pierce the jumka plz.. plz....