Monday, September 9, 2013

"I" talks to "Me"

From the mirror, the 'I' said,
Stay there and get beautiful eyes
And 'Me' replied, no thank you
I'd rather have eyes that can 'see' beauty

The 'I' said, your hands look bad

Want some hand cream, make them pretty
And 'Me' replied, no thank you
I'd rather create pretty things with these hands

Exasperated, 'I' said, your skin

Could do with some touch up to make you glow
And 'Me' replied, no thank you
I'd rather let a smile make my face glow

The 'I' tried yet again, take this perfume

Spray it and look like you're fresh off the garden
And 'Me' replied, no thank you
I'd rather walk in the garden to smell like I've been there

At the edge of its patience, the 'I' said

Here is kohl, mascara, eye liner, define your eyes
And 'Me' replied, no thank you
I'll let a naughty twinkle define my eyes

'I' attempted once more, look at your lips

They lack colour, here, take the lipstick
And 'Me' replied, no thank you
I'd rather that a genuine smile adorns my lips

A last ditch try, the 'I' said

If you're pretty and lady like, he will pay you compliments
And 'Me' replied, no thank you
He already sees me for who I am, not how I look

And then, my eyes opened,

Clarity flooded, sunlight streaming in
What a dream, oh what a realization
Prettiness gave in to beauty, let my day begin

With valuing me, for who I am

And what I can do with what I have
Brightening my inner glow, shining
With radiance of my inner beauty............

(Deliberately left unedited)


  1. hi! i am catching with your blogs and your art! i am super impressed and hope to catch up with you when we meet for Karthik and Aparna's wedding :)

  2. Hi Pritesh...I am great fan of your art work... you are one of my inspirations to start quilling...and now I became fan of your writings...