Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fading into Oblivion

The dust of my star sparkles
Death is imminent but who will kill me?
My ambers are fading away
But who will douse the fire in me?

My ambers have kindled many a fire
Lighting up the cosmos with a golden glow
My star has burnt bright for long
Guiding many a walkers through grass, rain and snow

All around me remains as it was
Merry and bountiful and splendid
But my star and my ambers are dying
Unnoticed, unguarded, untended.....

As weeds grow under my feet
I look up at the sky and see
My star fading into oblivion
My ambers lying among the ashes peacefully

A star is a star indeed
Till it glitters and shines
And one day each star fades too
But while fading, it whines

I wish the world was fairer
And a star could die in grace
And not fade into an oblivion
A black, dark, lonely place..............