Sunday, March 10, 2013

My self-written destiny

The echo of a warm Hello
Haunts me to this day
The sounds of merry talk
Lost to death and dismay
A drop fell from the sky
Many palms outstretched
A ruthless tussle ensued
The drop, the winner fetched
With a drop on my palm
And one in my eyes
No more warm hellos
Or teary Good-Byes
Oh! What has become
Of the world, you and me
There is just this “I”
All else is enemy
The little ray of light
Coming from the east
Made me see myself
The cruel, selfish beast
My gentle loving hands
Are no longer alive
Claws, sharp and grim
Are helping me survive
Fighting the ones I loved
A battle for you or me
This darkness is my Fate
My self-written Destiny
- Pritesh (with the help of Sujit)

This poem is inspired by Sujit’s post (, particularly the last part:

“A long dark night awaits. A very long, a very dark night. Then, we’ll most probably not have the luxury to exchange pleasantries at cafe. There will no lunch and snacks to go together to, because there will be only so much as only either of us will be able to eat. Not you and me. It’ll be you or me! In those dark times, we may have to avoid each other’s eyes. For it’s hard to look into the eyes of a person you are killing. We will soon be fighting each other. Killing each other. Just like beasts! Because there will soon be so little left to survive on, that we have to reduce ourselves to savage ways even to exist.

Meet you in the battleground. Meet you in the jungle. Meet you in the dark night.”

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