Sunday, March 10, 2013

She flies high

The sky, with its endless expanse,

Stretched out before her eyes,

Undaunted, she stared at it,

Passionate, determined and wise


A dream she nurtured, all these years

Rising high, conquering the sky

Wings attached to her dainty self

She could fly, fly and fly……..


It wasn’t an easy dream to have

There came hurdles, big and small

She faced, fought and won them over

Emerging a winner, standing tall


The wagging tongues, pointing fingers

She silenced them with her power

There she goes, blazing a trail

All around her, hurdles cower


Whoever told her, she couldn’t

Has been proven so very wrong

Amid disapprovers, she shines bright

Forever determined, forever strong……..


Dedicated to Kavita………:-)

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